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Demo Board Adds ICD Port And LCD

The PICDEM 2 Demonstration Board now includes an ICD port, LCD read-out, a sounder and temperature sensor. It provides designers with immediate programming and debugging capability, as well as auxiliary features with I/O capabilities. The PICDEM 2 Plus comes with an active software program loaded on a PIC18F452 flash microcontroller that demonstrates the device’s features and programmable peripherals. It also sets up the PICmicro microcontroller as a real-time clock and measures local temperature, displaying both on the 2 line x 16 character LCD. An active RS-232 port and Serial EEPROM is also on the board. A pulse width modulated signal can be sent directly to the Piezo sounder. All microcontroller port pins terminate at connector headers, and ample room is available in the prototyping area for project development work. The code that enables the program features arrives unassembled so the user can have access to the programming algorithm for faster and easier learning. Also, the user can take advantage of the Flash-based microcontroller and its in-circuit debugger capability by cutting, pasting, rewriting or adding to the program as needed. Pricing for the PICDEM 2 Plus Demonstration Board (DM163022) is $99. The MPLAB ICD 2 Evaluation Kit (DV1-64006), including the PICDEM 2 Plus, power supply, serial cable and USB cable is available for $209. MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC., Chandler, AZ. (480) 786-7200.


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