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Electronic Design

Demo Board Features eGaN FETs

EPC9102-240EPC9102-240Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) has introduced the EPC9102, a fully functional eighth brick converter.  This board is a 36 V – 60 V input to 12 V output, 375 kHz phase-shifted full bridge (PSFB) converter with 17 A maximum output current. It uses the 100 V EPC2001 eGaN FETs in conjunction with the recently introduced LM5113 100V half-bridge gate driver from Texas Instruments. The LM5113 is the industry’s first driver to optimally drive and fully release the benefits of enhancement mode gallium nitride FETs. The board demonstrates the performance capabilities of high switching frequency eGaN FETs when coupled with this eGaN driver. The whole converter is constructed within the standard eighth brick footprint and height (2.300" x 0.900" x 0.400”) requirements. Despite its small size, the board has a peak power efficiency of 94.8% while delivering 10 A of current with a 36 V input. To assist the power system design engineer, the EPC9102 demonstration board is oversized to allow connections for bench evaluation. There are various probe points to facilitate simple waveform measurements and efficiency calculation. The board is intended for bench evaluation with low ambient temperature and forced air cooling. A Quick Start Guide is included with board for reference. EPC9102 demo boards are priced at $306.25 each and are available for immediate delivery from Digi-Key.



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