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Demo Board Lets LEDs Strut Their Stuff

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With this compact demo board, designers can assess the performance of LEDs scheduled for use in end products. The pocket calculator-size board houses over 25 different types of LEDs, as well as a variety of switches, including pushbutton, potentiometer, slide and multi-position types, for activating the devices. The board can be used to evaluate a range of LED capabilities, starting with a simple test of the change in light intensity that can be achieved with a single LED and switch, and extending all the way up to evaluations of multi-stacked LED units, such as to determine the mixture of colors the units can produce. For new designs, the demo board helps engineers find ways to conserve pc board real estate and increase durability, while for existing applications, the board can be used to retrofit setups in ways that lower labor costs and improve product reliability. The demo board is available free to qualified engineers. For more information, contact Ray Lehman at WILBRECHT ELECTRONICS INC., St Paul, MN. (651) 659-0919.

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