Electronic Design

Design-Capture Tool Broadens Entry, Implementation Horizons

Design engineers seeking to capture the conceptual design of their entire system in a single, integrated environment can look to nVisage, a multidimensional design-capture tool. The tool's holistic design-capture methodology offers engineers the choice of multiple design-entry methods and final implementation targets. Users can input their designs using schematic or VHDL-based design-entry methods, or a combination of both. Design data output can be implemented on a pc board, inside an FPGA, or in a combination of both implementation modes. This tool offers bidirectional OrCAD schematic and library translation and support for nested multichannel (channel-within-channel) schematic designs. In addition to VHDL simulation with support for timing back annotation, nVisage provides prelayout signal integrity directly from the schematic. VHDL-driven register-transfer-level (RTL) synthesis is offered for multiple FPGA target architectures. Protel DXP, the latest generation of the company's board-level design solution, works natively with the nVisage project and document files. This allows nVisage engineers to work seamlessly with Protel board designers, providing full synchronization between the capture and pc-board design processes. The nVisage DXP carries a license price of $2995.

Altium www.nvisage.com; (800) 544-4186

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