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Design Kit Evaluates Opto Sensors

Promising a simpler means of compensating for device-to-device variation in optoelectronic sensors, the OCB100 auto-calibration design kit features a driver board with three different optoelectronic circuits. The board comes configured to calibrate reflective or interruptive devices, allowing users to compensate for device variations due to manufacturing differences, temperature changes, power fluctuation, and aging. With only an external power supply and the optical device, the kit enables engineers to adapt and calibrate any of the company’s optical sensors to all unique applications. It includes an OCB100CZ PCB calibration circuit including an OCB100 MC24 mating cable, an OPB350C125Z fluid sensor for 3.18-mm OD tubing, an OPB732CZ medium-distance reflective object sensor, OPB885CZ slotted switch with a 9.53-mm slot width, a 0.125” tubing sample, and a label/liner sample. Price ranges from $42.59 to $31.94 each. OPTEK TECHNOLOGY INC., Carrollton, TX. (972) 323-2200.


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