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Design Kit Simplifies Development Of DSP-Based Audio Systems

All the materials needed to design a digital audio processing system, including a board design featuring firm's CS4912 audio chip, complete design documentation, and DSP microcode firmware packages for both card and consumer audio systems, is provided in the CRD4912 design kit. The kit streamlines digital audio system development for car and consumer entertainment manufacturers and enables quick transition from analog to DSP solutions. The kit builds upon firm's Crystal system-in-silicon solution, the CS4912, which integrates five previously separate components into a single chip, including: a 24-bit DSP; RAM for program and data storage; a PLL clock generator; a digital audio transmitter port; and a stereo CD-quality DAC. Specific features for the car audio kit include crossover filters, graphic or parametric equalizer, dynamic range compression, noise gate, peak limiting, and multiple-speaker time delay.

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