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Design Platform/ICs Untangle Board-Level Power Management

The PowerCenter Designer system from Potentia Semiconductor makes board-level design of power systems with its attendant IC power products easier and faster.

With the design platform's "point-and-click" environment, users can easily design and implement power management for complex multirail power architectures using Potentia's programmable ICs, such as the PS-1648 isolated power subsystem controller and the PS-2610 non-isolated power subsystem controller.

"With PowerCenter Designer, sophisticated power management that once took months to design and implement can now literally be achieved in hours," claims Ian McGill, vice president of Potentia's business development and marketing.

Powered from a 48-V rail, the PS-1648 totally controls up to six isolated dc-dc converters or six non-isolated voltage-regulator modules. It also controls startup/shutdown sequencing, monitoring, trimming, and fault-handling functions. Sequencing thresholds, delay values, and overvoltage and undervoltage thresholds are stored in nonvolatile RAM. The self-powered 24-V PS-1624 is available for mobile infrastructure equipment and other 24-V systems.

The 3.3-V-powered PS-2610 is specifically designed to control and monitor low-voltage power-system components. It handles up to six non-isolated dc-dc converters. It controls startup/
shutdown sequencing, monitoring, trimming, and fault-handling functions. Like the 48-V PS-1648, it also stores thresholds and delay values in nonvolatile RAM. For systems with fewer rails, the PS-2405 is available.

In lots of 10,000, the PS-1648/1624 and PS-2610/2405 are available now at $35/$35 and $10/$6 each, respectively. An emulation platform costs $1250, including free software.

Potentia Semiconductor
(613) 592-7270

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