Electronic Design

Design Tool Gains Component Library

Simulated designs of automobile dashboards and handheld de-vices gets easier with Altia Design 5.0, which now includes a graphical user interface (GUI) component library. Also among the many new features is an enhanced object browser that handles hard-to-find objects in complex designs.

The component library lets prebuilt components like buttons, sliders, and menus found on embedded and handheld devices be dragged from the library window to the design screen. Links between components are preserved when copying and pasting. The system also supports transparent backgrounds, which is useful for applications like simulated vehicle navigation systems where a moving map is presented along with other control overlays.

Altia Design 5.0 is available now. A single-seat license costs $10,000 for Windows and $15,000 for Unix.

Altia Inc., www.altia.com; (719) 598-4299.

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