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Desktop Chassis Does cPCI Or VME64

Desktop Chassis Does cPCI Or VME64

The company’s 2U EMC screened, thermally-managed, and powered IEEE 1101.10/11 desktop or rack-mount 19” chassis comes with either a horizontally-mounted 6U four-slot cPCI or a 6U four-slot VME64x backplane. The cPCI backplane is available as a 64 bit, PICMG 2.0 R3.0 unit with a right-hand controller slot, rear plug connectors in P3, P4, and P5, and selectable coded I/O in standard and CT/H.110 versions or as a PICMG 2.16 packet-switching unit. The VME64x backplane is ANSI/VITA 1.1-1997 compliant, with active on-board termination, electronic auto bus grant, and center P0/J0 connectors. The unit also offers a choice of embedded 250W ac or dc ATX PSUs or two 3U 8HP 200W pluggable, hot swappable ac or dc units. Thermal management comes by way of a hot-swappable three-fan unit. VEROTEC INC., Londonderry, NH. (603) 821-9921.

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