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Desktop Enclosures House Multiple Fibre Channel Drives

The FT2J-500X two-drive and FT4J-500X four-drive Fibre Channel drive enclosures have a 70W power supply and one fan and a 140W power supply and two fans, respectively. These enclosures speed the integration of both 1.65" and 1" Fibre Channel drives and allow automatic configuration on a Fibre Channel arbitrated loop. Daisy-chaining capability is built in as is a DB9 host interface that supports all Media Interface Adapters (MIAs) and alarm indicators. A built-in temperature, power supply and fan monitoring system includes a status indicator on the front of the unit and an audible alarm to indicate a failure. Changing between single- and dual-loop configurations within the same enclosure can be accomplished easily by switching personality modules. Single-loop applications can include engineering test beds, while either system can be connected to two hosts using the dual-loop personality module for small storage area networks. Enclosures offer a cam-locking mechanism for proper drive insertion to prevent misalignments and damage. The cam system also reduces excess rotational vibration, preventing read/write errors. On-board re-clocking also enhances data integrity.


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