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Electronic Design

Desktop Flash Memory Tester Performs Quick Characterizations

Designed for quick characterization and debug of emerging sub-2.0-V flash memory devices, the Personal Kalos XZ desktop tester presents less than 20 pF of capacitance to the device under test (DUT), creating a test environment that reflects the memories' end use. The system allows engineers to save time in the design cycle. Memories can be transferred to a high-volume production tester for an efficient device flow from design to production testing. Operating at up to 100 MHz, the tester offers 96 I/O pins. It achieves its low capacitance by placing a buffer almost directly under the DUT. The system includes 16 channels per board of the low-capacitance buffered pins. Pricing starts at $18,000. Delivery is from stock.

Credence Systems Corp.; (510) 657-7400

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