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Developer's Kit Simplifies Use Of Thermistors

Developed for use with the firm's 4800LC thermistor linearizing circuit, which simplifies board-level design by converting the non-linear response of thermistors to an easy-to-use linear output, the YSI 4820LC Developer's Kit provides voltage input and easy thermistor connection as well as displaying sensed temperature. The kit features an alphanumeric display and a standard DB-9, RS-232 connector. Features include: data logging capability; RS-232 connectors; no set-up required; port-selectable COM1 through COM4; and includes a YSI Precision thermistor. The kit can be used for other applications that require instant temperature measurement. Software and an optional cable are available for logging to a PC.

Company: YSI INC. - Precision Temperature Group

Product URL: Click here for more information

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