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Development And Debug Tools Support PowerQUICC II Processor

A complete suite of development and debugging tools is available for Motorola's MPC8260 PowerQUICC II embedded communication processor. The company is offering its visionICE scalable JTAG/full ICE emulator for hardware and software debugging, the visionCLICK 7.0 C/C++ software debugger bundled with either visionICE or a PowerQUICC II instruction-set simulator, and a turnkey MCO8260 single-board computer for system evaluation and early development.The scalable emulator enables users to start with a low-cost JTAG emulator and add or share modules for network support, real-time trace and time stamp, a hardware event system, and overlay memory. The emulator is able to capture a real-time trace at full bus speed (currently 66 MHz) while giving users dynamic visibility into the processor's on-board instruction cache. The software debugger features a drag-and-drop graphical interface, advanced data display capabilities, flash programming, hardware diagnostics, and integrated trace analysis.


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