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Development Board Hosts Quad DSP Module

Eliminating the need for custom boards and interconnections, the SMT395Q board supports a quad DSP Texas Instruments Module (TIM) that contains four fixed-point, 1-GHz DSPs, each of which delivers up to 8,000 MIPS of processing power. The board also hosts 256 MB of DDR SDRAM and a Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGA with up to 125,000 available logic cells and ready-written cores. Interfacing to a host computer is achieved by plugging the board into a TIM carrier board. Software support for the host interface is included, as well FPGA and DSP programming software. A number of options are available that include standard and custom I/O, and an array of a/d and d/a converter TIMs. For more details, call Nory Nakhaee at SUNDANCE DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING INC., Reno, NV. (775) 827-3103.


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