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Development Environment Yields Finished DSP Apps From Block Diagram

Designers can generate finished digital signal processing (DSP) applications directly from a block diagram with Version 4.0 of the Pegasus Application Development Environment software package. The package, which also promotes consistent DSP application design methodologies, is a full-featured DSP development environment that integrates a block diagram design and simulation program with a C-Code generator and a DSP operating system. The DSP operating system runs Pegasus-generated applications in real-time on one or more DSPs, communicating with an application server that runs on the host PC. The software package uses a block diagram front-end to generate source code that can be directly compiled and run on a DSP with an integrated host application.Version 4.0 of the software offers support for multiple DSP types, including Texas Instruments’ TMS320C4x and TMS320C6x, and Analog Devices’ SHARC. The new version is Windows 95/98/NT-compliant and can produce applications for stand-alone hardware. In addition, it supports dozens of off-the-shelf ISA, PCI, VME and VXI boards from numerous TMS320C4x, TMS320C6x, and SHARC board vendors. Version 4.0 includes a DSP Project Wizard to manage setup, separate component tools that can be used stand-alone or automatically in an integrated “one-step” generation of DSP application from within the Block Diagram tool.The basic Pegasus package for a single user license includes all software except the DSP operating system and DSP C-compiler.


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