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Development Kit Delivers Device Networking Solutions

The new 68HC908GP32 emWare Enabled Development Kit was created to provide customers with a complete development environment for low-cost Internet-based embedded system designs. The kit includes a development board, a demonstration application, development software, documentation, and emWare's Emit 4 device networking software-everything needed to get started writing an embedded Internet application. Key features of the kit include the Motorola 68HC908GP32 8-bit FLASH microcontroller, 1 x 16 character LCD, temperature sensor, Piezoelectric speaker, RS232 serial interface, 9V external power supply, onboard 5V voltage regulator and emWare's emMicro device object server, open emNet networking protocol, emGateway software bridge and management system, and the EMITAIS client libraries for creating client applications. AVNET DESIGN SERVICES, Phoenix, AZ. (480) 643-7845.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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