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Development Kit Helps Smooth The Way To Bluetooth Apps

Claiming to lead the way in the evaluation of Bluetooth applications, the Casira development kit for the BlueCore 01 chip has been developed to help designers and integrators to learn more about Bluetooth. The kit provides access to user-friendly PC-based command and watch windows running under Windows 95/98.
The kit consists of two units, each containing a module that includes BlueCore01 IC, flash memory, a crystal reference, and an antenna. Also included in each unit is a motherboard that contains the host I/O and man-machine interface, including RS-232 drivers and external connector. Audio codec and external audio plugs for a headset, connectors for an audio PCM system, and synchronous serial interfaces are also provided.
Each unit is housed in an unmolded case intended for desktop operation and connection to the serial port of a PC. Optional software tools allow applications to be developed for the PC and other target hardware platforms, such as ARM7.


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