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Development Kit Is Network Ready

Introduced as the market's first completely integrated, network-ready development solution designed specifically for resource-constrained Internet applications, the Micro WebTarget StarterKit provides all the hardware and software needed to build consumer and industrial applications incorporating small- footprint embedded Internet devices. These devices include wireless connected PDAs and remote data-logging equipment to interactive home appliances.
Features include a TCP/IP stack and protocol manager, a network operating system, 4 MB of DRAM, 1 MB of flash, 200 MOPS of processing power at 50 MHz, and device drivers for a variety of hardware interfaces. The kit also provides a plug-in base board to add two hardware expansion ports, a serial debug port, and a RJ-45 connector for the kit's built-in 10BaseT Ethernet interface. Price is $2,295.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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