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Development Kit For New 32-Bit MCU Targets Multimedia, POS, And SOHO Applications

Developers looking to get their hands on Atmel's newest AVR32 microcontroller can do so for only $499. The STK1000 has an AT32AP7000 with 32 kbytes of on-chip SRAM and 16 kbytes of instruction and data caches on a carrier boad. The main board has 8 Mbytes of flash and 8 Mbytes of SDRAM, a 3.5-in. (320 by 240) TFTLCD display, an audio digital-to-analog converter, and connectors for VGA, Ethernet, USB, CompactFlash, and SD card inerfaces. The JTAGICE mkII emulator for low-level debugging costs an additional $299. The board comes with Linux installed on an SD card. Also, the kit includes a copy of IAR Systems' Embedded Workbench along with a collection of libraries, including support for multimedia playback.

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