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Development Kit Speeds Linux Software Applications

The Embedded Linux Development Kit, ELDK Linux 2.6.x, simplifies the creation of Linux software applications for use with the most popular high-performance VME and CompactPCI single-board computers and DSP engines from Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing. The kit includes a Linux kernel specifically optimized for use with the company's SBCs. In addition, the ELDK offers cross-development tools such as the compiler, assembler, and linker needed to develop software for the target system. Native tools, including the shell, editor, utilities, compiler, and libraries provide application developers with a standard Linux runtime environment for the target system. The runtime file storage may be provided to the target system via the network or loaded from flash for diskless operation.

Using the ELDK software suite, developers can address application projects ranging from single-processor systems to complete scalable, symmetric multi-processing (SMP) capable multi-CPU and multi-board systems. All components of the ELDK are available for free with complete source code under GPL and other Free Software Licenses. ELDK hosts on cost-effective Linux-based PC workstations and is installed via the Redhat Package Manager (RPM) tool.

The ELDK Linux 2.6.x is available now and is priced at $6000. For further information, go the

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