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Development Kit Supports ARM7-Based MCUs

Embedded Systems Conference, San Jose, CA. - For designers to develop, emulate, and ultimately migrate ARM7-plus-FPGA designs to company’s CAP7 customizable MCUs, the AT91CAP7X-DK development kit abets development of ARM7-based MCUs with custom peripheral sets not available on standard MCUs. It provides a motherboard with an extensive set of interfaces, controllable via device controllers embedded in the customizable AT91CAP7. The motherboard includes a 3.5" VGA TFT Color LCD display, 10/100 Ethernet PHY, USB 2.0 high-speed host and device ports, USB 2.0 full-speed ports (x3), an I2S audio device, ADC inputs (x4), an AC97 Audio CODEC, SD/MMC Card Slots, a USART, CAN interface, TWI serial EEPROM, an image sensor connector, 16-button keypad, PCI-64 slot, GPIO expansion slots, software-controllable power indication, and general–purpose LEDs. The CAP7 daughter board includes the AT91CAP7S MCU and a FPGA with 80K logic cells, capable of interfacing custom logic directly to the AT91CAP7S AMBA architecture. The AT91CAP7X-DK development kit is available now and priced at $3,500.


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