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Development Kit Yields Real-Time Data Analysis And Test Apps

System developers and test engineers can develop custom real-time data analysis and test applications for I2C Bus and SMBus-based systems with the I2C Bus Monitor Plus Software Development Kit (iBMP SDK). Like the familiar LAN used to connect computers within an office or building, the I2C Bus and SMBus are used to connect IC components on a pc board, or within a box or system. They provide device control, media security, and health monitoring connectivity in products ranging from cell phones to PCs, to large computer server systems.
The development kit is designed to make it simple to develop custom data collection, analysis, and test applications for I2C Bus and SMBus-based systems. It provides DLL, Com/ActiveX, and Virtual Instrument (VI) application program interfaces to control the real-time data collection features of the I2C Bus Monitor Plus pod. These APIs are compatible with major programming tools, including Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, and LabVIEW. Price is $4,000.


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