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Development Kits Advance Robotics

Development Kits Advance Robotics

Capable of nurturing advanced designs, Digilent’s robotic development kits (RDKs) also provide a starting point for robotics novitiates. Each addressing a unique specialty, the line includes a basic kit, line-sensor kit, and a remote-control kit, all of which have downloadable assembly instructions and a demo project. The basic kit provides components to build a simple, autonomous robot while the line sensor kit autonomously follows a line. The remote-control kit allows users to build a wired remote control robot using an Ethernet cable. Each kit includes Digilent's Cerebot 32MX4 microcontroller development board with a steel platform and all motors, wheels, sensors, and development software. Prices for the RDK-Basic, RDK-Line Sensor, and RDK-Remote are $149, $159, and $159 each, respectively. Digilent Inc., Pullman, WA. (509) 334-6306.

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