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Development Kits Help Evaluate Color Sensors

The HDJD-JDXX RGB color sensor development kits come complete with the tools and software designers need to quickly develop their color sensing and measurement applications. Each kit offers easy installation procedures and includes color sensing modules (transmissive and reflective) and a color reader board. A software interface provides users with an interactive workspace on their PCs to experience color recognition and differentiation and to calibrate the company’s RGB color sensors to meet their specific applications needs.

Three versions of the kits are available:

• The HDJD-JD02 is embedded with the HDJD-S722-QR999 color sensor. This solution is used to detect the presence of specific colors in applications ranging from medical analyzers to paint pigment and coating application to LCDs.

• The HDJD-JD05 is embedded with the ADJD-S313-QR999 digital color sensor, which can interface with a microcontroller without any additional components. This sensor suits use in portable applications like mobile devices, MP3 players, and PDAs, where it can be used in conjunction with a white LED for reflective color measurement.

• The HDJD-JD06 is embedded with the ADJD-E622-QR999 automotive-grade color sensor. This solution, which meets Automobile Electronics Council AEC-Q100 standards, combines a photodiode array and three transimpedance amplifiers in one monolithic CMOS IC.


The HDJC-JDXX development kits are available now.


The kits cost $500 each.


Visit www.avagotech.com.

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