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Development Kits Pack RF Modules And Integration Tools

Development of end-products with built-in cable-free communications capabilities is said to be simplified considerably with new development kits containing complete transceivers plus RF integration tools. Kit hardware includes ConnexRF transceivers, RS-232 adapter boards, power adapters and cables, antennas, and documentation. The trans- ceiver modules come with default parameters already configured to enable plug-and-play operationÑthe parameters can be changed by using the development tools. The menu-driven software provides development utilities for testing of configuration modes, measurement range, and data throughput. And an EEPROM Viewer/Editor feature allows the radios to be programmed to any configuration. For more details, call Carrie Royce at AEROCOMM, Lenexa, KS. (801) 952-1394.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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