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Development Platform Supports ST100 DSP Core

Based on the company's ST100 digital-signal processor (DSP) core architecture, the ST120-EVA development platform focuses on the evaluation of the ST120-EVA chip, the first silicon implementation of the DSP core. The platform includes a comprehensive integrated software deveopment tool chain and a development board.
The development board includes a set of programmable logic devices connected to the ST120 core, allowing the integration of application-specific peripherals. In addition to on-chip memory, the board also provides 2 MB of SRAM and 500 KB of flash memory. Additional resources can be connected to the system through external connectors.
The core chips are manufactured in a 0.18-µm process and operate at clock speeds up to 200 MHz with supply voltages from 1.2V to 1.8V. The ST120 core has a dual-data unit and dual-address unit parallel architecture that can execute up to four 32-bit instructions in a single cycle using 128-bit score boarded long instruction word (SLIW) operation.


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