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Development System Adds Integrated Multiprocessing

The ZT 5082/MP development system is an 8U rack-mount unit designed to accelerate the implementation of CompactPCI applications. The system makes use of the firm’s CompactNET integrated multiprocessing solution and is intended to speed the process of building multiprocessing CompactPCI applications that boost system performance and distribute functionality.CompactNET consists of a system master CPU, such as the Pentium processor that drives the ZT 5082/MP system; one or more peripheral master CPUs; standard OS support; and standard network software protocols. The system’s “network in a box” approach allows system developers to consolidate multiple PCs into a single, rack-mount enclosure with multiple CPU board “servers.” These individual processors communicate over the high-speed CompactPCI backplane rather than an external cable. The ZT 5082 system includes a 233-MHz Pentium, Ethernet, SVGA, CD-ROM, floppy drive, power supply and 19” rack-mount enclosure.

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