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Development System Gets ‘C6202 DSP Designs Off The Mark

The industry’s first evaluation/development system for Texas Instruments’ 250-MHz TMS320C6202 fixed-point DSP is available. The PCI/C6202-EVMPACK kit provides everything designers need to evaluate the ‘C6202 DSP and start developing applications for it. Hardware, software tools and documentation come bundled in a single, fully validated package.At the kit’s heart is the PCI/C6202-EVM DSP board, a full-length PCI board complete with the 2000-MIPS DSP. The DSP comes with 3 Mbits of on-chip SRAM. In addition, the board provides 32 Mbytes of SDRAM for bulk data storage and 1 Mbyte of flash for persistent storage of data or boot code.The board also features a full 32-bit PCI interface and has a single-width IEEE 1386.1-compliant PMC site. This module site allows a wide range of industry-standard I/O to be added to the board. There’s also a data path from the PMC module to the DSP’s multi-channel buffered serial ports.The kit contains a full set of development software tools, including TI’s Code Composer Studio and the firm’s C6000 board support software.


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