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Development Tool Empowers FPGA Platforms

Designed for either Xilinx MicroBlaze FPGAs or the Altera Nios embedded FPGA processor, CoDeveloper software tools allow users to create ANSI C applications for mixed processor and FPGA platforms. Tools within the software support application development and debugging using standard C-development environments including Visual Studio and GCC. Applications developed using the Impulse C libraries are processed using the included C-to-RTL compiler and optimizer and may be further processed and downloaded to MicroBlaze-based or Nios-based prototyping boards without the need to write any VHDL or Verilog code. Compiler tools provide the C-to-RTL compilation path, as well as auto-generation of software and hardware interfaces for MicroBlaze FPGAs or Nios-based FPGA platforms. The software also includes Impulse C libraries that allow standard ANSI C to describe, compile, and simulate parallel algorithms.. Pricing starts at $1,995 for annual licenses. IMPULSE ACCELERATED TECHNOLOGIES INC., Kirkland, WA. (206) 850-9175.


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