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Device Handles Uni- and Bi-Directional Voltage Translation

The FXL2TD245 is the first dual-supply, bi-directional translator configurable for both uni-directional and independent bi-directional voltage translation between two logic levels. As such, it provides design flexibility in a wide range of low-voltage applications—1.1V to 3.6V. In addition, its MicroPak package is only 0.55 mm x 1.6 mm x 2.1 mm, which is 80% smaller than comparable dual-supply translators in SOIC packages. It also replaces two 1-bit components used in typical designs. Offering 35% more pad-contact area than other leadless packages, the 10-terminal MicroPak ensures a strong solder bond between the device and the circuit board, which improves reliability. Other features are outputs that switch to 3-state if either supply voltage is equal to ground and built-in power-off protection. Price is $0.85 each/1,000, and delivery time is 12 weeks. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, Portland, ME. (800) 341-0392.


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