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Device Protects PC Parallel Ports From EMI

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The PACZIG1284 is said to be the industry’s first device to protect PC parallel ports against EMI over a frequency range from 100 MHz to 3 GHz. The device also provides termination and ESD protection. Filtering excessive EMI emissions has become particularly critical since the introduction of new high-frequency EMI sources, such as Bluetooth, 802.11, IEEE1394, and USB 2.0. The new component employs the company’s Zero Inductance Ground (ZIG) technology, which connects the filters inside the device directly to the PC motherboard through a metallic pad that protrudes through the bottom of the package. This is said to result in a filter that performs equally at 100 MHz as it does at frequencies up to 3 GHz. The PACZIG1284 is backward compatible with the PACSZ1284 and similarly integrates 69 discrete components into a single device. Both come in a 28-pin QSOP and have identical pinouts. The PACZIG1284, however, adds the ZIG pad on the bottom of the package. Two versions of the PACZIG1284, the PACZIG1284-02 with a 2.2 k? pull-up resistor and the PACZIG1284-04 with a 4.7 k? pull-up resistor, are available. Pricing for both devices is $0.71 each/10K. An evaluation board is also available. CALIFORNIA MICRO DEVICES CORP., Milpitas, CA. (408) 934-3114.

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