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Devices Protect NiMH And Li-Ion Batteries

Narrow enough to fit into 6-mm wide prismatic cells, VTP battery protection devices can be used with high power battery packs based on NiMH and Li-Ion chemistries. VTP200X and VTP200XS devices offer a right-angle form factor designed to minimize the number of interconnections with printed and flex circuit boards used in battery packs. The 16V, 100A VTP170XS is for prismatic cells as small as 6 mm wide with a hold current of 1.7A, trip current of 3.4A, and initial resistance between 0.030 ohms and 0.052 ohms. The devices can keep cell temperatures as much as 36°C lower than in packs without circuit protection. The right-angle strap design of VTP200X and VTP200XS lets these parts double as a battery protection device and as a connector between the printed circuit and the side of the pack and cells. This eliminates the need for special jumpers from the board to the cell, allowing more compact battery packs.

Company: RAYCHEM CORP. - Electronics OEM Components Division

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