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DFM Add-On Bolsters PCB Layout Tool

For users of Sunstone Circuits’ PCB prototyping services, a design-for-manufacturing (DFM) add-on to CadSoft’s Eagle PCB layout tool leverages the tool’s built-in design rule-checking engine to ensure that designs conform to Sunstone’s requirements. The add-on is offered as a complimentary service to Sunstone customers.

When coupled with Eagle PCB, the DFM add-on enables engineers to design their boards with more confidence that they’ll be manufacturable by Sunstone. The enhanced layout tool helps eliminate design errors early in the design process, minimizing the need for costly corrections later. It can save time by using an existing rule deck rather than users creating their own, which can introduce further errors through erroneous interpretation of the manufacturer’s rules. And, it further cuts down on design errors by following rule-deck guidance throughout the design process.

Sunstone’s DFM add-on for EAGLE PCB Layout can be downloaded from Sunstone’s Web site at www.sunstone.com, or from the CadSoft USA Web site at www.cadsoft.com, in the miscellaneous downloads section.

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Sunstone Circuits

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