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Dielectric Material Family Eyes High Performance Apps

The Microlam family of dielectric materials is derived from expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) impregnated with various filled resins to meet different application requirements. Three versions of the material are currently available. Microlam 200 is engineered with an extremely low loss tangent (0.0036 through 10 GHz), making it ideal for high frequency, laser HDI printed wiring boards or RF module applications. The coefficient of thermal expansion of Microlam 400 dielectric material (19 ppm/(C) is isotropically matched to copper, allowing fabrication of reliable, fine-pitch chip package substrates. And Microlam 600 is for use in build-up layers due to its high reliability, increased laser drilling speeds, and excellent microvia hole quality. W.L. GORE & ASSOCIATES INC., Newark, DE. (800) 445-4673.


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