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Digital Attenuators Feature Serial-Addressable Control

A trio of 7-bit UltraCMOS digital step attenuators combine high-performance processors and flexible serial and parallel interface logic. As a result, the PE43701, PE43702, and PE43703 DSAs offer users an unprecedented serial-addressable control interface that allows them to control up to eight different DSAs using a common three-wire interface. The devices permit highly flexible attenuation options, covering a 31.75-dB attenuation range in steps of 0.25, 0.5, and 1.0 dB. Input IP3 is +57 dBm, and attenuation accuracy is ±0.20 +2% of attenuation setting at 3 GHz. Insertion loss is 1.6 dB typical. Additional features include on-board CMOS logic that facilitates 2.75-V control and a high-a state at power-up. The PE43701 and PE43703 come is 32-lead 5- by 5- by 0.85-mm QFN packages. The PE43702 comes in a 24-lead 4- by 4- by 0.85-mm QFN. All are RoHS-compliant. The DSAs are sampling now and are priced at $3.65 for the PE43701, $3.36 for the PE43702, and $8.20 for the PE43703, all in quantities of 100,000. PEREGRIN SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., San Diego, CA. (800) 786-6539.


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