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Digital Audio Interface Receiver Integrates Low-Jitter PLL

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Equipped with functions that cope not only with non-PCM audio data but detect compressed formats as well, the AK4112A is a digital audio interface receiver compliant with 24-bit, 96-kHz data or non-PCM data streams such as AC-3. The device's low-jitter, clock-recovery circuit, supported by high-performance PLL, delivers a high-quality master clock output which creates an optimal audio decoder front end for PCM data up to the DVD standard of 24-bit, 96 kHz.
A de-emphasis filter enables automatic de-emphasis of PCM data, reducing the complexity in DSP for pre-emphasized signals. The chip has a channel selector that enables on-board, 4-channel input suitable for consumer-device applications and direct input of unbalanced signals to the built-in amp. The 3- or 3.3-V power supply makes it suited for DSP interfacing and portable applications. Pricing in a 28-pin VSOP package is $3.15 each/10,000.

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