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Digital Camera Modules Boast Of True 12-Bit Capability

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The FFM3020 Series is said to offer true 12-bit, 3072 x 2048-pixel, full-frame digital camera modules for OEM applications. The units are designed to satisfy demands for high resolution coupled with high dynamic range. They deliver true 12-bit image acquisition at room temperature without cooling. Monochrome and color versions of the modules are available.The units consist of two boards: one containing the Philips FTF3020 monochrome or color progressive-scan CCD image sensor, and the other employing the firm’s double-correlated sampler, CCD driving electronics, A/D converter and power stabilization. Two 65-mm cables that allow maximum configuration flexibility connect the boards.The FFM3020 is externally triggered to acquire images at a maximum of 2 frames per second at full dynamic range and maximum resolution. Integration time is externally controlled by the applied trigger pulse. System integration is facilitated by a host of accessories.

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