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Digital Controller Suits Low Current Applications

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Designed for digital control of status monitoring equipment through a USB interface, the SeaPORT REL-16 offers 16 outputs for applications such as process control, test equipment control, audio switching, satellite/microwave network control, and analog multiplexing. The unit's 16 normally-open reed relay outputs provide dry contact switch closures, and onboard removable screw terminals simplify wiring connections. Well-suited for low current applications (10 W maximum), the unit ships with the company's Seal/O suite of Windows 98/ME/2000/XP drivers, as well as utilities, application notes and technical details to simplify installations. The SeaPORT REL-16 (Part #8208) is priced at $349, while the SeaPORT REL-16 with assembled DIN rail mounting kit (Part #8208-DIN) is $359. SEALEVEL SYSTEMS INC., Liberty, SC. (864) 843-4343.

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