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Digital DC Ammeters Directly Connect To Shunts

Designed to precisely scale, digitize and display the output of standard 50 and/or 100 mVdc shunts, the DCA5-20PC ammeters span 11 current ranges from 0 to 1A to 0 to 2,000A with ±0.1% guaranteed accuracy. The ammeters connect directly to the shunts and, with exception to the user-supplied shunts, are totally self-contained - the meters include buffered inputs, scaling circuitry, precision reference circuits, 3 1/2-digit a/d converters, LED displays, display drivers, dc/dc converters, and even screw-style terminal blocks for connecting signal and supply lines. The direct connect DCA5s can accommodate supply voltages from 5 to 40 Vdc and also offer two basic shunt/power configurations: low-side, grounded-shunt models (5 to 40 Vdc power) that target conventional ammeter applications in which one side of the shunt is connected to ground; and high-side, floating-shunt models (8 to 36 Vdc) that incorporate on-board isolated dc/dc converters (500 Vdc isolation). The meters cost $33 each/500. For more information, call Roy Cabral at DATEL INC., Mansfield, MA. (800) 233-2765.

Company: DATEL INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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