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Digital ICs/DSP: Clock-Driver PLL And Address-Bus Register ICs Make DIMM Designs Easy

Able to support 667-MHz registered dual-in-line memory modules (DIMMs), a phase-locked loop (PLL) clock driver, a register, and the industry's only DDR2 667-MHz register validation board (RVB) allow designers to rapidly develop DIMM solutions. The PLL requires no external components. It's optimized for very low phase error, minimal dynamic phase offset, static phase offset, low skew, and jitter. The register chip drives the address signals and supports 1:1 (25-bit) and 1:2 (14-bit) bus options. The register consumes little power during standby and includes proprietary output-edge-control logic to minimize switching noise with unterminated lines. The PLL and register chips sell for $2.33 each in 10,000-unit quantities and are available in Green BGA packages. The RVB is sold by CST Inc. (www.simmtester.com) but was developed by IDT.

Integrated Device Technology Inc.

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