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Digital ICs/DSP: Digital Crosspoint Switches Deliver 1.6 Gbits/s Per Port

A pair of video crosspoint switches, optimized for broadcast video applications, offers designers a 72- by 72- or 144- by 144-port configuration. The M21131V and M21151V, respectively, support data rates of 1.6 Gbits/s on each channel, permitting any combination of standard-definition (143 to 540 Mbits/s) or high-definition (1.4835 or 1.485 Gbits/s) digital video traffic. On-chip programmable input equalization circuitry removes deterministic jitter and enables the 1.6-Gbit/s signals to be received through 60-in. PF4 pc-board traces and four backplane connectors without any power penalty or bit errors. Output preemphasis circuits further enhance the backplane drive capability without consuming any additional power. I/O termination circuits are included on the chips as well. The crosspoint switches operate from a single supply and consume just 6 and 12 W, respectively, for the M21131V and M21151V with all channels configured and active. In lots of 1000 units, the 72-by-72 switch costs $495, while the 144-by-144 device is $950. Both video crosspoint switches are housed in 1156-contact ceramic ball-grid-array packages. Samples are immediately available.

Mindspeed Technologies Inc.

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