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Digital ICs/DSP: Low-Power x86 CPU Packs Crypto Engine And Dual RNGs

Based on a streamlined Nehemiah core, the Eden-N x86-compatible CPU adds advanced on-chip security to the existing Padlock feature already available on previous Nehemiah cores. On-chip are an advanced cryptography engine and two hardware-based random-number generators. The crypto engine can run AES algorithms and encrypt data at up to 12.5 Gbits/s when running on a 1-GHz CPU. Available in a nanoBGA package, the Eden-N processor occupies an area of just 15 by 15 mm—about half that of the Intel Pentium M CPU. When running at 800 MHz, the processor dissipates only 6 W, or just 7 W when the clock jumps to 1 GHz. The Eden-N processor works with the company's CLE266 motherboard chip set. Samples are available now. In volume, the CPU costs less than $30.

VIA Technologies Inc.

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