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Digital ICs/DSP: Motherboard Chip Set Delivers Low-Overhead MPEG, HDTV Imagery

High-definition video experiences for Intel Pentium 4 motherboards are possible with the PM800 and PM880 IGP chip sets. Each set uses the company's S3 Graphics UniChrome Pro IGP core, delivering HDTV outputs up to 1080p, hardware MPEG-2 decoding, and intelligent video rendering. The embedded 2D/3D graphics engine and the Chromotion CE video display engine let the chip sets offer a true high-definition visual experience on CRT and LCD screens, as well as on standard and new-generation digital TVs. The integrated MPEG-2 decoder ensures flawless DVD playback with ultra-low CPU utilization and includes adaptive de-interlacing and video de-blocking to deliver perfect playback of interlaced video. Both chip sets offer AGP 8X ports for graphics upgrades. The PM880 packs the DualStream64 dual-channel DDR400 memory controller, while the PM800 uses the FastStream64 double-data-rate controller.

VIA Technologies Inc.
www.via.com.tw/en/p4-series/pm-800.jsp or /pm880.jsp
(408) 369-545

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