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Digital ICs/DSP: Stacked Network FCRAM Doubles Available Buffer Storage

Systems employing Toshiba's Network FCRAM can double the size of their packet buffers without sacrificing valuable board real estate. The PDS-14100-00, a 16-Mword by 36-bit Network FCRAM, stacks two chips in a package via the company's patented StakPak BGA stacking technology. The FCRAMs (fast-cycle RAMs) combine high memory capacity and random-access times that rival those of high-speed SRAMs. On top of that, StakPak technology adds controlled impedance interconnections and high-speed switching-noise decoupling internal to the stack to minimize any performance losses. The PDS-14100-00 stacked 576-Mbit memory, available this quarter and in sample quantities, costs $90 each.

Staktek Holdings Inc.

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