Electronic Design

Digital ICs/DSPs: Reference Design Kit Helps Optimize Low-Power Systems

Engineers wishing to optimize their low-power designs that use QuickLogic Eclipse II FPGAs, as well as verify those designs in silicon, may want to take a look at a new reference design kit (RDK). The RDK includes hardware and software tools that measure actual power consumption and calculate, analyze, and simulate power dissipation. It also contains a prototyping board that houses the Eclipse II FPGA, an RS-232C port, a UART, 4 kbytes of serial EEPROM, and two LED displays. Its daughterboard for power measurement includes a microcontroller, an LCD module, two LEDs, and three current sensors. Designers can access every I/O pin on an Eclipse II FPGA and easily connect to diagnostic tools. In single-unit quantities, the RDK sells for less than $500.

QuickLogic Corp.

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