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Digital Input Card Features Simultaneous Sampling Software

The CompuScope 3200 single-shot, PCI-based digital input card is capable of simultaneously sampling, via software, at clock rates up to 100 MHz. The input stage can be configured as either single ended or differential and consists of 34 high-speed comparators that allow the use of virtually any logic level from 5 TL/CMOS to PECL.The board can operate in two modes: memory mode with up to 16 MB of acquisition memory; and real-time mode where the board can stream data to host memory for up to 2 GB of acquisition memory.Other features include transfer rates of up to 100 MB/s and a buffer board equipped with 50 ohm line drivers. Software development kits are available for DOS and Windows 95/98/NT and support all compilers that make use of DLLs. MATLAB and LabVIEW kits are also available. 2-, 8- and 16-MB versions are available.


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