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Digital I/O Boards Handle Up To 125 MHz On 32 Channels

A series of four digital I/O boards for PCI Express offers the fastest speeds available, according to Strategic Test Corp. With recording and replay rates to 125 MHz, up to 32 channels, and the ability to synchronize up to 127 boards, including digitizers and arbitrary waveform generators, the boards enable designers to create large, mixed-mode automated test systems for electronic sub-assemblies and digital semiconductor components. The boards in the UltraFast series include the UF2e-7010 (125 MHz on 16 channels), the UF2e-7011 (125 MHz on 16 channels or 60 MHz on 32 channels), the UF2e-7020 (125 MHz on 32 channels), and the UF2e-7021 (125 MHz on 32 channels or 60 MHz on 64 channels).

All inputs and outputs are TTL-compatible, and the I/O channels can be software selected for input or output in 16-channel increments. The UF2e-7020 and UF2e-7021 can record and replay simultaneously. External clock and trigger connectors are provided, and users can specify a wide variety of bit and pattern trigger conditions. The boards come with 64 Mbytes of onboard memory, which can be expanded to 4 Gbytes to permit long recording and replay times even at the maximum clock rates. At slower clock rates, data can be streamed to or from the host PC. The boards also can be equipped with a second user-selected quartz crystal oscillator for applications that require a highly accurate specific output rate.


Prices start at $3390. Contact the company for availability information.


Visit www.strategic-test.com.

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