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Digital I/O Boards Source Up To 700 mA/Channel

Described as high-power digital I/O cards for assembling PCI and cPCI test systems, the ME8200 series cards provide 16 optically isolated outputs and 16 optically isolated inputs. Capable of driving large loads as well as lower level TTL signals, their isolated outputs can drive 3V to 45V loads and source up to 700 mA per channel. They include short-circuit protection plus the ability to interrupt a PC if a short or overload is detected. Inputs are connected to a bit-pattern circuit that offers pattern match and change detection capabilities, and the cards will generate an interrupt when either event occurs. Additionally, the inputs and outputs provide 500V of isolation from the PC ground. Software support includes Visual C/C++, VEE Pro, LabVIEW (both for Windows and Linux), Python, and Java. Also available is the company's intelligent driver system (ME-iDS), which supports Windows 2000/XP systems plus Linux systems with kernel version 2.6. Prices for the ME8200A and ME8200B boards are $459 and $559 each, respectively. ICSDATACOM, Pleasanton, CA. (925) 416-1000.


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