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Digital Output Boards Provide 32 Channels

Designed for use with the company's PowerDNA, UEIPAC, UEILogger, and Modbus Cubes and 12-slot, rack-mount RACKtangle I/O chassis, the Guardian DNA/DNR-DIO-432 and -433 industrial digital output boards provide 32 channels of digital output with up to 600 mA per-channel of continuous current with an output voltage drop of less than 550 mV. The -432 version's outputs provide current sources while the -433 offers current sinks. Output ports are configured as single 32-bit words. The maximum output throughput rate is 1 ksamples/s and the boards specify an operating-voltage range of 3.3 to 36 Vdc. Additionally, channels not operating as digital outputs can measure 0 to 36 Vdc analog voltage inputs with an accuracy of ±10mV. Prices for the DNA-DIO-432, DNR-DIO-432, DNA-DIO-433, and DNR-DIO-433 are $1,200, $1,350, $1,200, and $1,350 each, respectively. UNITED ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES INC., Walpole, MA. (508) 921-4600.


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