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Digital Radio Subsystem Revs Up Development Of Advanced SigInt Apps

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The development path to advanced signal intelligence (SigInt) systems is said to be greatly shortened with the introduction of a digital radio subsystem based on an advanced digital radio front-end module and a powerful signal processing platform. By linkng the PMC/SB3410, a full duplex, wideband digital transceiver module, with the VME/C6420 processor board via an industry-standard PMC connection, the subsystem is made to support a wide variety of narrow- and wide-band wireless protocols, including AMPS, TDMA, GSM and CDMA. The PMC/SB3410 provides a high-performance data path directly into the VME/C6420's four on-board DPSs, essential for moving wide-band data around. The VME card employs a highly optimized crossbar-based architecture that enables it to easily deal with the high bandwidth requirements posed by SigInt applications. It is available with either floating point (C6701) or fixed point (C6201) DSPs. The subsystem can also be used as a development platform for a wide range of telecomm equipment.

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